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Better Fit Nurses

Injury Prevention Training for Nurses

Fitness Training For Nurses 

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Why Better Fit Nurses

The incidence rate of healthcare workers in a hospital reporting an injury is between 6.0 and 8.1 out of 100 full-time workers.

These types of injuries led to an average of 31 DAYS AWAY FROM WORK.

Save Nurses

8 in 10 Nurses work in pain, according to OSHA.

82% of nurses surveyed in the ANA Health Risk Appraisal said they had a significant risk for workplace stress

Save Costs

The average cost of one worker's compensation claim is between $27,000 and $103,000.

Not to mention the lost time and production that comes with an employee injury. 

Bringing health and fitness to Nurses.


Save costs in Workers'

Compensation claims​

Improve patient care quality

Decrease employee absenteeism

Improve employee retention rate and satisfaction


"A healthier Nurse is a happier patient."

"Droany is an amazing trainer and I would recommend him to anyone. I look forward to each workout with him. He knows exactly how hard to push and always pays close attention to my form. He has a great ability to adapt to different situations as I started working out with him for my wedding, then through out my entire pregnancy and post pregnancy. I’ve been working with him for approximately 5 years, and have definitely noticed positive changes in my body. Dro is positive and inspiring, extremely reliable and flexible." -Jane Alexander, ANP-C

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"Taking care of those who take care of everyone else."
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Strength is just as much a part of Nursing as a compassionate heart.  Being stronger will lead to Nurses being more prepared for the physical demands of the job.  Having the appropriate strength will provide Nurses the ability to give better patient care. 

Teaching Nurses how to maintain a healthy lifestyle yields longer lasting energy throughout the day, and thus, a better performing staff.   Having Better Fit Nurses is important for any facility because as we like to say, "A healthier Nurse is a happier patient."

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