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From the writer

Hey! I'm Danielle, I am the cofounder of the company and am happy to also have the opportunity to write directly to our Nurses and our Nursing leaders!  I write about fun things to do, ways to relax, killer workouts, nutrition tips and information, facts about fitness, and more!  I would love to hear what you want more of or if you have any specific questions you may have!  So I'm putting up my hair and doing the best I can to have the information you're looking for to be a healthier better version of you!

Danielle Kwoka

contact me directly at">


Take a deep breath in... and let it out... Chances are that your shoulders rose, possibly up to your ears, on the inhale and then dropped...


Hey party people! Today, I'm going to talk about one of the most important movement pattern tools we have. It has literally had my back...


Good morning! I hope everyone had a fun and restful weekend. Have you ever seen someone and thought, “Man, that person is fit”?? Have...

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