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A Side of Greens

Laminate Kale

Hey Friends!

Today is a quick recipe that is DELICIOUS and adds an added vegetable for your daily count. It also is loaded with fiber and protein so for all the protein buffs out there... This one's for you! A super easy, quick whole food that serves as a great side.

Sautéed Lacinato Kale


2 bunches of laminate kale

1 clove garlic, minced

2 Tbsp olive oil

3 shakes of garlic salt

1/4-1/2 tsp of salt

1/2 tsp (Vegan) butter


Cook olive oil, garlic, and garlic salt in pan over medium to high heat until garlic browns.

Wash kale and chop; add to oil and garlic mixture and sauté.

Add salt and butter, and then toss and cook to desired tenderness.


{And nothing had to die for me to eat it}

But also, it always tastes better when you cook it yourself!

Maybe it's not the best for kids but a quick meal for the parents if you do end up serving them chick'n nuggets;)

Benefits of Lacinato Kale according to

"1. Helps reduce the risk of high cholesterol

2. Helps fight the risk for cancer

3. Helps reduce inflammation

4. Rich source of Vitamin A

5. High in Phytonutrients"

This can be served a couple of ways too!

Vegan bowl
Serve it with rice, peppers, and avocado

Vegan burger with kale, vegan cheese and avocado
Serve it as a topping on a (Veggie) Burger.

Or just simply as an additional side with pretty much any meal!

And that's it folks! Try this side o' greens and let me know what you think! How do you like it? What did you serve it with?? Did you change it at all? Let me know!

Have a great week!

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