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Atria Riverdale - Assisted Senior Living

Hello Everyone!!

Droany and I went to Atria, Assisted Senior Living in Riverdale this week and gave a Better Fit Nurses workshops.

It was kick ass.

After setting up and getting everyone settled in, we introduced ourselves and had our participants do the same before our presentation. It wasn’t a particularly chatty group and many of them mentioned fatigue. We discussed a little bit about what they do and how important their role is. We were not surprised to find that in the assisted living facility, many of the participants were not Registered Nurses. Many of them were aides, some had administrative positions, and some worked in the food and beverage department. We welcomed them all and were thrilled that they came to our workshop.

Many were quiet and even apprehensive about staying. Tiredness was mentioned a lot and there was a resistant tension lingering… but it really didn’t take long to warm them up. Moving through our presentation, we could feel energy build and participation grow. And it was a wonderful thing.

We went from encouraging people to stay by assuring them that they would not be “working out” to participants volunteering to learn and demonstrate movement patterns when we hadn’t asked for volunteers. The level of attention was at an all time high about twenty minutes into our presentation with everyone out of their chairs coming to take a closer look. We heard quite a few AH HA moments that really made me smile.

The information that we presented was clear and they were hearing the messages.

Our presentation wasn’t particularly fancy or eccentric but we managed to capture their attention and I certainly believe that we inspired some of the people there. What’s more is that we managed to get some feedback and seeing “Come back” on several papers was inspiring to us as well. We can't wait for the next one!

Have a fantastic end to your week and a wonderful weekend!

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