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Before You Binge

So I found this little ditty bop on Pinterest. I love to look up motivational pictures. When I read this, I thought, “Who is going to do that? I was already fixed on the NO.

Not necessarily for me, just as a health professional, what I choosing to promote. But maybe it’s because it started with ‘Have an apple’. I’m thinking this is ridiculous, and then “Drink a glass of water” softened me up a little. Who knows why that the apple might have been a trigger for me. Probably because it has to do with our nutrition… which turns out to be a very personal thing to us. If your first instinct was that this list would not work, is it because you wanted to immediately defend your permission to binge? I did.

So by the time I got to the bottom, I was thinking about how if I can procrastinate before things that are important to me, I can certainly procrastinate before bingeing. Because equality.

Imagine you’re about to eat the best meal that you can possibly have. For me, I’ve got a glass of chilled water with a little bit of lemon sitting in the right hand corner sitting just above my knife. Yum. I think it’s reasonable to drink a glass of water before I do something destructive. Compromise people. ;)

Laundry was easy to reason

I like the “call your BFF” because it gives you an opportunity to do something different when you’re the person that’s too busy to keep in touch. But also, social interaction can be a strong and positive influence!

A movement task is a favorite for me so of course I like this one!

…but it was the “State your health goal out loud” that really got me. I think that one is so strong. There is a psychological response to saying something out loud. That’s why positive affirmations work. The mind is a powerful thing.

And the other two were confirmation that I actually liked this task list.

So I thought, if I could even do just one of these things before I binge, let’s see what happens.

Just wanted to send that along! Have a great day!

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