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Blue Apron 4 Stars Out of 5

My experience and recommendation with Blue Apron

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great week! We’ve been talking about what we are putting into our bodies and I wanted to take some time to talk about a great company/concept, Blue Apron. Droany and I have been using Blue Apron for 2-3 months now and we have been really liking it!!

Whole Foods

First and foremost, we love that the ingredients are whole foods. Just about everything that we cook with I can find in my local grocery store, and what’s more is that most ingredients are one word:D We selected the Vegetarian option and make Vegan substitutions as much as we can. I have been very pleased with the variety of cuisines and recipes they have already provided to us!

How to Cook

Droany is a very good cook. He knows how to cut well and is good at multi tasking and timing the entire cooking process.

Me on the other hand… I am NOT a good cook. Everything takes me forever and I really don’t have a natural sense of timing and flow of the cooking process. I also am very inexperienced when it comes to food. Growing up, I had a pretty bland palette without any interest in trying anything new… *eye roll*

It has been an absolute delight to see and taste the different types of vegetables and raw foods that I have never tried before! Blue Apron does a great job of teaching how to cook. They provide technical videos of things like cutting, etc. The dish is introduced with the ingredients and a little background about the cuisine/dish, which I love to read. The directions are very clear and easy to understand and the food has always come fresh.

The thing about cooking your own food is that you also put something else into your food: pride. As you spend time looking at, touching, cutting, sautéing, stirring, etc. the ingredients, it’s hard not to take pride in the work you're doing. It makes it easier to try new things and it honestly makes the food more satisfying. Cooking also shows us (partly) what are fingers and hands are for!! Using my fingers to pull things apart or peel things always makes me feel like I am eating the food that was meant for me.

Convenience and Professionalism

Of course, in this day and age, I love the convenience of the service, but on so many levels.

+They deliver it right to your door.

+All of the food is already portioned and organized for you to start cooking.

+The ingredients are nicely printed and presented on card stock along with a blurb about the dish to be prepared and the recipe with pictures to follow along.

+In addition, they also provide you with as close to the exact nutritional content as they can get!

+You can select the recipes you want from a handful of choices or you can choose to skip the delivery that week on the easy-to-use app

+On the weeks that I skipped the meal, they sent me the ingredients and recipe... in case I wanted to try it on my own….. which of course brings me to the next point.

Customer Service

I have worked in the service industry for some time now and I always appreciate good customer service. I called to request information about food options and a couple of questions about how to use the app and the gentleman that helped me was perfectly respectable and very patient with me.

Furthermore, NYC had really bad weather the last week of January and I sent a simple email letting them know of this and the responded within twelve hours saying that they had ALREADY credited me a refund for the "terrible inconvenience".

Talk about good customer service.

Minus One Star

There are two reasons that Blue Apron does not get all five stars from me.

Of course. the main reason for my lack of star is because I want a Vegan option, which of course I have sent my request over to their very helpful and friendly customer service team so maybe they will soon! I’ll let you know;)

The second thing is that I wish that the recipe directions were in order of actually what to do. They organize them by the different parts to the meal. So they tell you how to prepare and then give you the directions for each part but not necessarily in the order that you complete everything at once.

Overall, it’s a great service that I highly recommend and can validate it’s quality and worth! If you want to cook more and want a little help in the convenience department, definitely give it a try.

If you already use it, let me know what your favorite recipes are so I can try them!! Happy cooking!

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