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Family Cruise

Hey friends! What's up.

My family is really close so we went on a cruise together. My parents are getting older now and the kids have and are starting to have their own families so whenever my family is organizing something big, Droany and I make every effort possible to be there.

A 7 day cruise big!!!

Maybe 7 days would be too much... you know how family is...

But it wasn't, it was amazing.

We had so much fun and it was really great to be with my family and bond with my cousins and spend a lot of quality time together. What was great about the cruise is that you can pretty much do whatever you want the whole time so you be alone at any time if you want also!

We did some really cool stuff. We all did a dolphin encounter on the second day with each other which was fun to get the trip started with everyone.

On the 3rd day of Christmas....

No just kidding. On the 3rd day, we signed up to do the Flo Riding on the ship as a group so Droany, my dad, my uncle and both my younger cousins and I did it! I was so proud of my uncle and dad for doing it. My cousins and Dro crushed it. It was awesome.

ON the 4th day, we went to St. Thomas and my dad, Droany and I got to go flyboarding... and it was SICK. We had so much fun. I was stunned that my dad wanted to try it but I was ALL FOR IT!! He said, "Well it says 13 year olds can do it"!!! How can I argue with that! My dad is getting up there but he is no old man!!

On the 5th day, my aunt, uncle, cousins, parents, and Droany went on a Catamaran and snorkel tour in St. Kitts, while my sister and her boyfriend went on a Volcano hike. My mom's first time ever actually snorkeling which was awesome.

We were on vacation but let me tell you, we kept it moving! We went to nice dinners and made them extra fun by dressing up, we were active, we stayed on board with our eating, and we had so much fun with each other.

And we had a great surprise on the 6th day... MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED!!!

But why the border?? Whatever, SHES ENGAGED!!

It was great to be with everyone but of course, at some point, it's time to go back to reality.

Spend time with your family, whoever they are.

Thanks for reading!! Have a great week!

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