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Managing the Bad Days

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Hey friends!!

Today we're discussing the inevitable:

Every day isn’t going to be your best.

It’s safe to say that this isn’t ground breaking news in any way. The Bad day. We all know it when it’s here. When you just aren’t in a good mood. Or when unfortunate events happen. Or medical emergencies, or lack of sleep, or negative words and thoughts.

Every day isn’t going to be your best. But you can make the best of every day… no matter how bad it is.

Wait, that one’s actually really hard too.

Today, we’re talking about long term strategy for how to make the best of your bad days. For the purpose of this blog, strategy refers to using a number of techniques in combinations to combat challenges that arise. One more time because that is going to be important.

Strategy refers to using a number of techniques in combinations to combat challenges.

Strategy is going to be like the tool box and our techniques are going to be like the tools. Seems pretty simple.

Right off the top of my head I can think quite a few techniques that I’m going to mark present in my personal tool box:

  • Ability to nap

  • Cat/Cow

  • Lifting heavy, or break a sweat

  • Manicure/pedicure/Massage

  • Being present*

My Ability to Nap is pretty impressive.

I’m a fantastic napper. I can fall asleep within 5 minutes after telling myself to. But there’s more. I’m not a light sleeper. So I have to be very specific and diligent with my napping because it easily can become more of a problem then a solution.

As long as I set up my parameters and have a plan, I can use my napping skills to my advantage when I really need some extra ZZ’s.


This is such a great tool!! For so many things! Get into it!!

For those of us with back or neck pain, this one is a gem.

I’ve been doing this just about every morning and it really helps mobilize my neck and back in the morning! Especially with the chilly weather, my neck and back get really tight and I don’t even realize it. Until I do cat/cow. Pairing the cat/cow with breathing techniques will push this mobility drill one step further to maximize your benefits!

From the lower back series (Stuart McGill), I usually add a plank after it. It helps to turn on the core and stabilize the trunk as a system after you have mobilized the muscles and joints.

Lifting Heavy or Breaking a Sweat

Sometimes when I have a bad day, I want to throw things. Sometimes I want to run. Sometimes I want to cry.

Lifting heavier weights makes me feel strong. I feel empowered lifting heavy weights, and it’s a plus that my body thanks me for it! As long as I warm up well, my body typically feels great after a heavy lifting session. The sense of physical strength translates to a mental strength. I can be proud of woman who endures and persists through challenge- which is exactly what I do during heavy lifting.

If I haven’t appropriately planned my rest and nutritional intake though, I know that lifting heavy weights is NOT the tool that is most effective. During these times, I reach into my toolbox for another tool that is not physically demanding to avoid injury. Maybe focusing on nutrition and recovery is a better strategy at that time.


Getting a manicure/pedicure or a massage (or all of the above) can be a useful tool!! I know we were all looking to hear that… and it’s true! If you can appreciate the hour it takes to get your nails and toes done or to get your muscles worked on, the time and money is well spent. That is part of your recovery. Mind and body.

We tend to forget that these things can be useful more than just aesthetically pleasing. But it requires a little something extra.

Mindfulness. Presence.

These are the moments when you’re breathing and stillness can help you. Taking in that you are enjoying the moment and that you feel good when someone is massaging your back or painting your nails. This is the most important aspect to make these tools effective.

Being present helps you enjoy life and the moment. Being present combats the urge to be stuck on the past or anxious about the future. It's hard but it's totally worth developing and implementing to improve your quality of life!

These things are just a few tools that I can think of off the top of my head. They are simple and can be used at specific times to help me through pain, stress, or just to bring me back to a clear mind and strong self.

There are so many tools out there, so explore! Remember, fitness is fun!

What other kinds of tools do you use to combat your stressors? Any tools that you think or thought would help but then didn’t turn out to be effective?

Let me know! Have a great rest of the week!

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