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National Nurse's Networking Event

Updated: May 2, 2018

It's gonna be MAY.

Hey guys, whats up. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather today on the first day of May.

So last week, Better Fit Nurses attended the National Nurse's Networking Event in Washington cohosted by National Nurse's Networking and Show Me Your Stethoscope.

What a great event it was! Faith Lawlor was really wonderful. As a vendor, Better Fit Nurses had a great table (two actually!) with lots of space around us. She was incredibly organized so it was so easy to participate. Faith showed us our table and we got all set up!

Some more quick shout outs- We were happy to see Janie Harvey Garner at it again, Alley Staffier being her wonderful self, and Andrew Lopez snapping more pictures!

Also, we had a great time meeting and doing a small segment for Q the Nurse that you can watch by clicking the link below!

Because we had a lot of space, we were able to demonstrate so much more! We walked a Nurse through four exercises that she could take home and do every morning, and certainly before work to set her up for a great day. She loved that we videoed her performing each exercise as I give verbal cues and directions by the phone. I can't wait to see how she feels in a couple of weeks!

We were able to do a couple of Functional Movement Screens with some Nurses who asked to participate! We were happy to talk with them and listen to how much they are in need of our service.

It's one thing to know about all of the injuries that happen among a particular industry.

And it's quite another to hear personal stories of Work Related Injuries 600 times in a row in the span of a couple hours.

They really need our help.

We talked with Nurses from California, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, all over the United States, and they all have similar stories.

We have some work to do... but we're ready.

Call us today. We are happy to personalize packages for organizations or even just groups of people who want to move better and live healthier.

Unplug. Anyways, it was a successful event. Enjoy the weather and have a great rest of your week!

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