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Need a Vacation from your Vacation?

Hello friends!!

We have been discussing vacation lately, and this week, I wanted to touch on one more aspect of it!!

We talked last week about the importance of taking a break.

And this week, I wanted to talk about the importance of taking MINDFUL rest.

Have you ever gotten back from a vacation and thought that you need a vacation from your vacation? It’s important to do what you need to do to feel rested and ready to go again. Otherwise, that time didn’t serve you the BEST that it could have. It may have been a great time which is important too but it might not have given you the boost you needed to go again and perform at your best when you get back to regular life.

We really love keeping our vacations active. It’s not my exercise, it’s my lifestyle. And I mean that. The more I sit, the more I hurt and the more tired I am. And the more I do that, the harder it gets to get up and get started again.

Sometimes we need to take a full day to be vegetables or relax on the beach but we don’t need to throw away all the hard work we have been putting into ourselves during our regular reality. If I have been working out five times a week, let’s show something for it! Maybe I’ll actually play some beach volleyball or take a break from drinking one night to get up and go to the gym.

Likewise, in our diet, we appreciate the time to practice a little adaptability. We certainly continue to eat clean for the most part but typically are more lenient on vacation.

Costa Rica 2016, ATV Tour Lunch

However, it’s important to remember to appreciate the break! If I eat more sweets and treats on vacation and then I feel guilty about doing it, it’s not much of a break or vacation. If I have only been getting 5 hours of sleep and then I don’t make an effort to rest up on vacation, I’m not going to feel rested and ready to get back to work.

Vacations not only help with our work quality but also with our health of course! It is much easier for me to be more rigid on my exercise and diet if I know that I’m going to look and more importantly FEEL great when I go to that beach vacation. It’s easier for me to not eat the cookies now, so I can FULLY enjoy them guilt free on my vacation.

DISCLAIMER: Again, I’m not saying that it’s appropriate to trash all your hard work and efforts completely, but to practice and appreciate the flexibility or leniency.

Vacation is the time to focus on you. Be nice to yourself. Don’t throw away any handwork or achievements you’ve made but enjoy some of the things that you tend to keep yourself from and enjoy them fully. Rest. Get up and play. Go outside. Read more. Do that thing you said you were going to do a while ago. Get started. Come alive again. Get a massage. Or put your feet in a fish tank.

Dominican Republic 2016, Relaxing Foot Massage

I would love to hear about your favorite vacations or the vacations that leave you energized and motivated. Let us know what you like to enjoy fully on your break!!

Have a great week!

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