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May 6-12

We worked with a few facilities in offering a new promotional service for the week. We hosted drop in classes and gave 1 on 1 demonstration and rehearsal.

It was a complete success. The reviews we received from the participants were great and the information we received from their surveys and discussion was invaluable.

76% of staff that participated (and filled out questionnaires) reported that they are currently in pain.

86% of those that reported pain said that they were not confident that they would be able to complete daily activities (including working) in six months.

100% of participants reported that the tasks that give them the most problems are typical activities completed in any given shift, including lifting, bending, repositioning or moving a patient, standing for long periods, or carrying heavy loads.

90% of participants were willing to share costs for our services

100% of participants would recommend our services.

We hope all the Nurses everywhere felt a lot of love this past week!!

And we're just getting warmed up!!

Have a great week!

Contact us today,

FB, TWITTER & IG: @betterfitnurses

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