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NYONEL Annual Conference

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone slept well last night and started the day off feeling rested.

Better Fit Nurses attended the NYONEL Annual Conference and we had such an amazing time! (New York Organization of Nursing Executives and Leaders). Special thanks to Ann Harrington for inviting us to participate in this great event.

This event was absolutely brilliant for us. It was a fantastic opportunity to market our services to the right people. And the right people were in the room looking to make investments.

We loved being the only exhibitor of its kind. There was no other company promoting their services like ours. We’re just getting started.

We were very well received. We spoke to many CEOs and leaders in the industry discussing the value of having better, fit nurses and it just made sense. Many people are on board. One of the luxuries we have about being a newer program is that we have the ability to make an event personalized to each client or facility that requests our services.

For example, we discussed the possibilities of coming to do quick demonstrations at weekly/monthly meetings. There was positive talk about our services being featured at an employee retreat. All really great things and we are very excited.

What’s very exciting is that people are on board with the idea of creating better work environments, and and better employees.

Who wants to go to work when they feel badly? Mentally, physically, or any other way? No one.

Getting the leaders excited about promoting health lifestyle in the work place was exciting. We’ve got one foot through the door to helping Nurses feel better and live healthier lives.

Our health system has many flaws and cracks and this is how we can use our skill set to help. We can’t fix the system by ourselves but we sure can do our part. We had many conversations this week about empowering our Nurses to become better leaders as well. When they spend so much time with certain patients, they have the opportunity to make an impact in someone’s life.

If our nurses can lead by example, not only will we have a better workforce and healthier Nurses, maybe we can have a healthier America as well.

Have a great day everyone!

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