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Perform Better Annual Summit in Orlando, Florida

Hey guys, it's Kwoka here.

I know I have been MIA, in my writing! Droany and I ended up needing to move last minute. Stressful but turned out to be a blessing because the new crib has made life so much easier!! So many reasons, we live closer to the train, we have a little more space, like a second bedroom (!), and a couple of other really great amenities that make the daily stuff much easier. Pain for the gain;)

Anyways, we went to Perform Better Annual Summit in Orlando at the beginning of June. Great time like last year and some really great speakers again too.

My favorite presentation was Alwyn Cosgrove. I read two of his wife, Rachel Cosgrove's books and was interested to see what I thought about him when he gave a presentation. I thought he gave a great presentation. He is a really charismatic presenter, hilarious but still makes sure to discuss his content thoroughly. Droany and I have discussed many of the moments from his lecture.

From his personal story, Alwyn was inspiring and humbling in persevering to his dreams. At the same time, he was very clear on how to be successful. He gave us the common factors of high-performing gyms. One of the biggest things that we have come home with is the importance of SYSTEMS. Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy, and Money.

Lee Burton was another great expert that we had the pleasure of meeting. Better Fit Nurses uses the Functional Movement Screen with our training so we were thrilled to speak directly to a cofounder of the screen we use in our testing and retesting.

We learned a lot and it was really great for us to speak more with the elite in the industry!!

Talk soon!

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