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Spring Break

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Happy Spring Break!

Hello friends!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Today, I just wanted to recap on last week’s adventures!

Last week, Droany and I went to Colorado to go skiing and snowboarding with my family. My parents, my sister and her boyfriend, my brother and his wife and two daughters, my best friend, and we had two friends who live in Denver dropped by and hung out for a couple days so we had a full house!

We flew into Denver on Saturday and drove about two hours to the town of Breckinridge. My family has actually been there several times so we are pretty familiar with the town and place. We stayed at Cedars condos, which is the closest thing to a ski in/ski out and it was absolutely gorgeous. Enough space and room for all of us to fit but not too close to get in each other’s way. You know how it is when you’re in close quarters with family;)

Sunday, we rented our equipment, Droany and I both snowboard and the rest of our group skis, and got onto the slopes!

Monday, I was particularly thrilled to go ride at my personal favorite place, Keystone. The runs are long and the slopes are a little more challenging. We went nice and early and rode all day. I actually was a little tired by the end of the day and took a nice little tumble, luckily my sister and her boyfriend were behind me and got to see it! Haha!!

Tuesday marked the beginning of the end because my best friend and my sister’s boyfriend had to leave and go back to reality. The rest of us enjoyed Tuesday and Wednesday back at Breckinridge and by the time Thursday rolled around, we were all pretty ready to go. The whole trip was a blast though.

My dad’s infamous line for the whole trip was “All the moving parts actuating in unison” and we couldn’t stop laughing after the snorting laughter got started! And of course, there is nothing better than being with family. It just so happens that mine is my biological family, but you know, those people that you can find yourself again every time you are around them. I am so thankful we got to spend some time with the whole family and really enjoy each other’s company.

My niece got to ride on an airplane, see snow and try skiing for the first time!! And that little peanut is pretty amazing. After her first try at skiing, we weren't sure how the rest of the week would go but she ended up doing great and she had fun doing it! The little baby (my other niece) travelled great and was such an easy baby for the majority of the trip, which we all couldn’t believe!! So it was definitely a success for the little ones also!

This trip came at a great time. Not because of the beautiful weather we had (although that was so awesome), but because it was time for a break for us.

Droany and I both were working very hard for about three months straight and it was time for us to kick back and relax for a couple days. And that we did. We really enjoyed the time away from the daily hustle and crappy New York weather. We are ready to get back to business and CHARGE ON (UCF alum)!!

So if anyone needs and recommendations for Breckinridge, message me because we would love to tell you about all the great places that we love!!

When we got back to New York, we were able to take Droany's kids skiing at Mountain Creek! It was their first time and they did great!

They tried hard, and we all had fun. I was a little disappointed by cost of what they were charging for the slopes. I know it's end of the season so I wasn't expecting gorgeous conditions by any means but they charged a lot for pretty much one run.

What are you going to do?

Because honestly, the conditions for where the kids skied was much better because it was just the bottom part. It was definitely a successful first ski experience for them. We brought food (and oreos), and there was chocolate milk... as dessert for working so hard! And it tasted so good! It was a really great day.

Sunday, Droany and I actually did something we don't normally do and walked around a museum, The Met after brunch. How New York. And we had a New York time. I spent the afternoon feeling like Audrey Hepburn and opening my eyes back up to New York again.

This week has been tough getting back in but it's mostly good stuff!

Have a great end to your week and a restful and rejuvenating weekend!

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