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The Working Nurse

Welcome friends!!

This blog is designed for the working healthcare professional. It is a supportive space that you can find healthy tips, information on exercise science, nutrition strategies, stress reduction techniques and more about living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a work/life balance. Something we all desperately want and DESERVE.

Our healthcare providers work so hard to care for our community and it's time we give back. Our site is a resource to those Healthcare providers who want to improve their own quality of life so they can give their best patient care quality.

And who doesn't want to achieve their own health and fitness goals?? Feeling better and looking great? Enjoying days off actually playing with your kids? Having more energy than you did ten years ago?

This blog is meant to be an open conversation for all The Working Nurses and other healthcare professionals. Let's build a community of support and positive energy together while living the best lives we can. So please feel free to comment about the information or ask questions. Also, if you're wanting or needing a more personal conversation, reach out! You can email us directly at and we would be happy to chat with you.

I hope everyone is getting ready for the new year and getting excited to put your best foot forward. Check back soon for more posts!

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