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What's Your Fuel?

Today, breaking down TLC #2.


Eating well helps you feel well.

In it’s most basic and blunt form:  If you eat shit, you will feel like shit.  Stay away from processed foods, limit dairy and meat consumption.  The first thing associated with dairy and meat consumption is INFLAMMATION.  Take out dairy one day and take note of how you feel.  After one day.  Keep it out another day. Take note. It’s at least worth it to see if that’s true.

With clients, we normally don't like to tell anyone to take away something as the first resort. However, this is certainly the FASTEST way to feel relief.

If instead, you are more of the start small to make change kind of person, which is perfectly acceptable, just try to add more vegetables.

"But Danielle, I don't like any vegetables, so I take vitamins."

vitamins vs whole foods

Unfortunately, that's not really the same thing.

Part of the great thing about eating vegetables is that it not only supplies the body with tools and defenses to help it perform at it's best, but it also burns calories during digestion.

If your body has more of the vitamins it needs to perform bodily functions (like energy conversion, digestion, etc.), it can perform those tasks more efficiently. If you keep up with your oil changes, the car runs better. If you fill the windshield water, it can spray when you push the button. If the battery is charged, it will start no problem... that one probably applies more to sleep but you get the picture. Same thing.

When you eat a vegetable, your body breaks it down and extracts the vitamins in it that it needs. If you give your body the direct vitamin, your body skips the digestion and extraction process. Thus, you miss out on burning those calories. According to Livestrong, "The overall thermic effect of food is estimated to be, on average, about 10 percent of your overall calories."

It provides some really interesting facts like the difference in energy requirements in different types of food.

Out of 100 Calories:

Fat will use 3 calories in digestion

Fibrous vegetables will use 20 calories in digestion

Protein will us 30 calories in digestion

Plus, you know how you ask your dad to run your car every once in awhile when you're gone to just keep it working smoothly. We want our body's to be effectively practicing the digestion process. That helps keep our system clean and running smoothly.

Dr. Gregor reports that,

"Three out of four Americans don't eat a single piece of fruit in a given day, and nearly nine out of the don't reach the MINIMUM recommended daily intake of vegetables."

If you have children, they desperately need more fruits and veggies to avoid the obesity and Diabetes epidemic. Be the example, for you and your children.

Only 3% of Americans get the recommended of daily intake in FIBER... which is only found in plants. Fiber is actually becoming a nutrient of concern so be sure to increase your plant consumption. If you watch the video below, there is even more interesting studies and information!

Most likely, if you don't like most fruits and vegetables, it may be because your palette is not sensitive. As we eat processed foods and refined sugar, we hinder our ability to actually taste. Sweet is no longer sweet. When you have removed/severely limited your refined sugar and processed foods, you will begin to taste that fruits taste much sweeter. And those processed foods stop tasting so good... well, maybe not all of them.

Anyways, we'll talk more about a Well-Balanced Diet, but this is for now. Take care of yourself, it will feel good!

Have a great week, and try to eat more veggies!!

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