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What is Organic?

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

What's up friends!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is getting ready for a romantic day with your partner or self!

Today is short and sweet. I just wanted to clarify what organic really is;)

Organic refers to the farming methods and process used in the cultivating of the farmed products. Essentially, organic is everything we would want in farming.

Organic farming practices must support the goals of improving the water and soil quality while reducing pollution, which also encourages a self-sustaining cycle of resources. Organic livestock farming also mandates vaccinations, organic food for the livestock, pasture feeding for a certain time period, and access to the outdoors.

The really great thing about ORGANIC is that it also includes prohibitions. Sewage sludge fertilizer and synthetic fertilizers, most synthetic pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics are all prohibited. And we thank the USDA for that!! We can trust the organic farming process… a little bit.

This wording does seem to be a little tricky because we don't know exactly how long the time period of nature feeding is for the livestock. Similarly, it doesn't specify any requirements for "the outdoors".

Here was just a little bit to get the general idea about what it actually means for food to be "organic".

To see more details about the USDA’s Organic stamp, check out this article:

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